Enhance your vision and eliminate the need for glasses or lenses

Laser eye surgery decreases the dependence on glasses and contact lens by effective correction of refractive errors. Moreover laser eye surgery improves entertaining activities like water sports or any contact sports without wearing glasses or contact lens. Laser eye surgery is often a quick and painless medical procedure that improves your vision and eliminates the need of lenses or glasses. We educate you well about the several risks and welfares before carrying out the eye surgery to avoid any possiblecompensation to your eyes.

This surgery is done using laser that efficiently changes shape of cornea that is clear covering front of eye. The surgery is performed for either cosmetic or functional reasons. Sometimes excess upper eyelid tissue obstructs the upper visual field or can weigh down the eyelid and create tired-feeling eyes. Most frequently, people choose Laser eye surgery to improve their look by making the area around their eyes firmer. When this surgery is done to improve vision, rather than for cosmetic reasons only, it may be covered by assurance.

The Laser eye surgery is performed on the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both.If you have any problem in your eye you can consult our eye care specialist, we will help you by checking your eye.

You need not worry about your eye. Get your vision defects cleared by our treatment with laser. In the near sightedness, the cornea focuses light in front of the retina, while in the farsightedness; cornea receives light only at a particular range

Our chief goals and resources offered in laser eye treatment

Our goal is to provide you with the truths and resources that you need to make the result that is best for your circumstances. Our individual goals and medical vision history play an important role in determining which refractive surgical option and that is right for your eye. During your initial visit our eye experts carefully check your eyes with modern equipment, so your eye is properly checked and experts find a solution for your eye. Eye and cataract Laser Vision correction is done efficiently in our eye care centre.

Laser eye surgery is typically difficult and problems occur when the physician creates the flap, which can permanently cause loss of vision. As a result of surgery, your eye may not be able to produce enough tears.Most of our patients have an extraordinary decrease in usage of eyeglass or contact lens. Our eye care team helps you in risky situation. We will undergo a very thorough evaluation of your eye that will help physician to determine the options available to you. For normal vision, the cornea focuses light onto the retina, producing an image that is crisp and clear.